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Wedding at the Endsleigh Centre Beverley Road Hull


Endsleigh Centre Wedding DJ Review & Video

The Endsleigh Centre on Beverley Road one of Kingston upon Hull’s best kept secrets. The rustic convent is a perfect setting for any wedding and the main hall is ideal for a band or a mobile disco. I was the mobile DJ there for a wedding in the summer last year, all the guest and staff where extremely friendly. They had a cocktail bar and a live band ” The Gherkins” on, both where fantastic all the guest where up for having a great time and I was sad to finish my DJ set because I enjoyed it so much. A big thank you to Helen & Peter for a unforgettable night and even Helen sang a song “At last” she has a remarkable singing voice. If you want a vintage and Gothic feel to your wedding disco chose the Endsleigh Centre but if you like something modern please stay clear. For a Wedding disco venue, I give the Endsleigh Centre in Kingston upon Hull an 8 out of 10. Please see the wedding disco evening reception video below.

 Feedback from the Wedding Disco


Hi Andy

Finally looked at the link you sent of our Wedding, the atmosphere looks great.
Many guests remarked that it was the best wedding they had been to and your skill as a DJ played a large part.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.
Thanks again Andy, what a star!

Best Regards
Peter & Helen

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